Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program

HVRP Testimonial – Howard Harris

Howard Harris is a Navy Veteran who moved to Madison with his wife, Monique, and their 4 children after being dislocated from his job in Maryland. Their family was couch surfing with relatives and spending time in motels when they first came to the Dane County Job Center seeking assistance. Monique and Howard were referred to the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program by Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Case Manager, Eugene Degner as he realized that they qualified for the Homeless Veterans Re-integration program. They were also referred to HUD-Veteran Affairs Supported Housing program and the Supportive Services for Veterans Families program for housing assistance. Howard came to the program with a very specific set of skills related to the calibration of medical equipment. Derek Miller, the HVRP Case Manager helped Howard with his resume and encouraged him to attend the Dane County Regional Job Fair at the Alliant Energy Center. Derek helped him identify two specific employers attending the Job Fair that were looking for employees with his specific skill set, Millapore Sigma and Scientific Protein Laboratories. Howard attended the Job Fair and made a great connection with SPL. After a follow-up interview that lasted approximately 4 hours, Howard was offered a position at $28/hour that he accepted. HVRP helped Howard with obtaining work clothes and work boots for his new position and he is doing extremely well. Howard related to Derek how helpful the HVRP program has been for him and his family and has made the connections that they needed to become employed, housed and connected to Veterans benefits.

The Homeless Veteran Re-Integration Program (HVRP) is a Department of Labor Grant Program managed by a cooperative effort between the Community Action Coalition (CAC) and the Employment and Training Association to serve Dane County’s Homeless Veterans. The primary purpose of HVRP is to help homeless veterans secure and retain employment so they may re-enter mainstream society as productive citizens. To accomplish this goal, the program operates weekly program orientations, job clubs, soft-skills training workshops and provides access to occupational skills training opportunities focused on the needs of industry. In addition, the program works cooperatively with other Job Center and community based training programs helping veterans maximize the services available to them, reducing service duplication and improving cost effectiveness.

The employment focus of HVRP distinguishes it from most other programs for the homeless, which concentrate on more immediate needs such as emergency shelter, food and substance abuse treatment. While these are critical components of any homeless program, and grantees are required to demonstrate that their clients' needs in those areas are met, the objective of HVRP programs is to enable homeless veterans to secure and keep jobs that will allow them to re-enter mainstream society as productive citizens.

We are currently running Orientations on Mondays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. In addition, we operate weekly Job Clubs and Job Seeking Skills Workshops in Room D2 at the Dane County Job Center, 1819 Aberg Avenue, Madison, WI 53704

Please contact Derek Miller at (608) 242-4542 or at dmiller@eata.org to learn more about the HVRP program and our efforts to help Homeless Veterans obtain employment in high wage, high demand occupations.

Derek Miller, HVRP Case Manager P: 608-242-4542 Email: dmiller@eata.org

Monique Spencer, HVRP Program Assistant P: 608-242-4563 Email: mspencer@eata.org

Misty Clemens, HVRP Housing Case Manager P: 608-333-2961 Email: mistyc@cacscw.org