Children First

Children First Program

Children First Program

Tierre entered the Children First program in May of 2015 upon the recommendation of the Dane County Child Support Agency. He was excited to learn about our training programs and signed up for the first available class immediately. Despite having no day care for his son, Tierre successfully completed training while allowing Children First staff to help him solve his employment barriers. He is now employed with UW Hospitals and Clinics full time and is looking forward to becoming certified in his Department.

"I would like to thank the staff of the Children First Program, Stacie and Evie, for helping me become prepared for employment and attaching me to training programming provided by Julie and the Employment and Training Association at the Dane County Job Center. Julie helped me understand the specific duties of the job I was applying for and Stacie and Evie helped me understand how to best present myself to employers during interviews. I am totally grateful for all of the help and very appreciative of the time, energy and dedication I received through this program."
- Tierre

The Children First Program provides employment and training services to unemployed and underemployed non-custodial parents who are not meeting their child support obligations. Although the Children First Program has a "work first" philosophy, a combination of job search activities as well as other services may be provided to promote self-sufficiency and responsible parenting. Activities/services may include case management, employment search assistance, skills training, unpaid work experience, parenting/life skills classes, remedial education and transportation assistance.

Participation in the Children First Program is court ordered with the primary goal of improving the ability of the non-custodial parent to pay court ordered child support. Individuals ordered into the program are assigned 32 hours of activity each week and may participate up to sixteen weeks within each calendar year. In order to successfully complete the Children First Program, the non-custodial parent must make timely payment in full of the court ordered support for three consecutive months or complete sixteen weeks of participation in employment and training activities.

Questions about the Children First Program may be directed to the Stacy at (608) 242-4555.